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Offer Your Payments Solution in 50 Countries with One API

Accepting payments outside the U.S. can be overwhelming. Companies selling in international locations typically require separate providers in each country for each step in the payment cycle: processing, settlement, reporting, and merchant boarding.

But with EVO, developers are able to fully integrate all those services in 50 countries and 130+ currencies through a single API.


EVO Snap*, our one-stop global processing platform offers:


Omni-channel integrations

Merchant underwriting
and boarding

Standardized reporting

POS device support


EVO Snap*, our one-stop global processing platform offers:

Worry-free compliance. You won’t have to navigate the complexities of global payment compliance, either. EVO’s payment solutions meet all PCI and EMV compliance requirements, including tokenization, point-to-point encryption, and other fraud-prevention solutions.

Outstanding support. At EVO, you’ll work with a dedicated support team of professionals who will ensure your payment solution is tested, certified, and ready to market. We’ll even design customized sales and marketing campaigns around your solution.

Faster growth. EVO has an active reseller channel of more than 900 VARs you can access to distribute and sell your solution. You’ll also receive ongoing monthly residuals for processing merchants you refer to us.

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Expand Globally and extend your Sales Reach

Larry has developed a Windows-based retail application with custom features that Liquor store owners love. The application is gaining popularity, but to achieve his goal of explosive growth Larry needs to solve a couple of big problems:

  • How to expand his customer base outside of the Hyper-competitive U.S. market.

  • How to simplify his technology stack to easily support his customers.


With EVO, Larry can accept payments in 130 international currencies across 50 regions. We simplify the management of international payments so Larry can focus his energies and resources on growing his business.


EVO provides Larry a single point of integration with a diverse mix of online, in-store, and mobile payment solutions. Through a single connection, Larry can enhance his existing solution with features ready to serve an international marketplace.


With 13 offices across 9 countries and more than 450,000 merchant customers, EVO is ready to help Larry market his innovations to our worldwide customer base and industry channels.

Deliver Easy Online Ordering

Henry has an affordable feature-rich, tablet-based restaurant solution that’s a big hit in the hospitality vertical. Henry realizes that to reach his goal of making the overall customer experience even more incredible he must:

  • Offer alternative payment options to increase customer satisfaction and to improve restaurant operations.

  • Allow customers to pay any way they want by offering a seamless Card Present and Online payment process.


With EVO, Henry can deliver the convenience of Pay-at-the-Table to his customers. Utilizing the right hardware and his very own iOS app, Henry can integrate remote payment acceptance to support this functionality at restaurants, sports venues, and off-site events.


EVO gives developers an easy integration point to support online or in-app payments from customers. This allows patrons to order meals for delivery or for restaurant pickup. The option to short-cut lines and get the food they love quickly increases customer happiness.


EVO’s developer platform provides single-integration access to Omni-channel payment processing and value-added services through one API. This gives Henry a single point of integration for online, in-store, and mobile payment solutions.

Accelerated Speed to Market

Pete has developed some of the best Professional Services software on the market. To make sure his customers never have to wait for the proverbial check in the mail he needs:

  • The ability to create an invoice in the field.

  • The ability to accept a payment at the customer’s location through an integrated mobile or tablet-based device.


Using EVO’s Commerce Driver SDK, Pete can easily add secure EMV transaction processing to his Android, iOS, and Windows-based mPOS solutions with out-of-the-box support for pre-certified hardware, including the IPP320, 350, and ICMP.


Since payment data is isolated from his software application, Pete’s solution will meet all EMV Level 3 compliance requirements, and he can instantly enable PCI- compliant transactions with point-to-point encryption.


Using EVO’s Commerce Driver SDK with pre-certified hardware from Ingenico, Pete avoids the complex and costly process of managing EMV certification so he can get his solution into his customers’ hands as quickly as possible.




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