EVO sets itself apart from other processors by providing our POS reseller partners with support rarely found in the payments industry.


• You’ll have a dedicated team to attend to all your needs. Your team will include regional representation, channel sales support, relationship managers, and 24/7 tech support.

• Your team will literally do it all for you: follow up on leads, close sales, quickly onboard your MIDs, and process your MID bonuses and residuals so you’ll receive them on time.

• Speaking of MID bonuses – you choose how you want to get paid. Your options are a standard cash bonus; a higher residual split; free POS hardware; or 0% financing that pays you upfront.

• EVO offers a wide range of integrated payment solutions for any vertical market. These solutions can include EMV, P2P encryption, tokenization, and out of scope.

• Your merchants will also enjoy exceptional customer service with 24/7 tech support.


EVO does it all for you. Learn more:

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