EVO Payments brings cutting-edge QR integration to the table

Merchants are looking for pay-at-the-table options. EVO serves up a convenient, secure, no-contact solution.

Simply put, SimpleTab QR uses the camera on a customer’s mobile device to turn it into their own private terminal.

SimpleTab QR is efficient and profitable for ISVs.

Developers can perform a rapid and frictionless integration to the SimpleTab QR solution using just 4 API calls. Download the documentation and fill out our integration form here.





SimpleTab QR is convenient for merchants.


  • Few steps; customers understand quickly

  • Doesn’t require apps or downloads

  • Can also be sent via text


  • Transactions are anonymous, confidential, and fully secure

  • The customer is the only person to see or touch their card


  • A completely no-touch process


  • Receipt appears in the customer’s phone camera roll




EVO is an industry leader in payments integration.

Learn more about SimpleTab QR and our other mobile payments solutions.

SimpleTab QR