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EVO Offers Several Simple Paths to
Payment Integrations



No matter what your solution is – POS system, mobile app, e-commerce shopping cart, back-office solution – EVO gives you all the options you’ll need to easily add payment acceptance and other value-adds to your application.



EVO Snap* is our one-stop shop for application integration, merchant underwriting, and payment processing. If offer several paths to successful payment integrations.


  • Commerce Driver. Adds global EMV transaction processing to your Android, iOS, and Windows-based POS applications.
  • Hosted Payments. Offers the fastest way to securely accept payments – and reduce PCI compliance – within a shopping cart, donations website, or online billing application.
  • Commerce Web Services. Omni-channel developer toolkit for Card Present (CP) and Card Not Present (CNP) transactions.



EVO Javascript. With 15 billion devices running Java, this SDK is ideal for ISVs with Windows, iOS, Android, web or browser-based POS solutions.


Third Party Gateways. EVO has long-time integration partnerships with leading software, gateway and middleware providers. These include, Datacap, Blackline, Apriva, Magento, and more.


POS Product Solutions. EVO offers smart solutions for leading POS hardware designed to facilitate simple EMV integrations for global markets. Our hardware partners include but are not limited to Ingenico, Verifone, NEXGO, PAX, and Dejavoo.