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EVO Makes It Easy for Your
Customers to Say Yes



EVO Payments has several ways to help you reduce friction in the sales process. The tools described below are designed to help customers purchase your POS solutions without the burden of large upfront payments and high interest rates.


0% Financing

Your merchants pay no interest with a signed contract for processing with EVO. But you get paid upfront – 100%. This program helps you complete against “free” POS offers, and installation, training, and service contracts can be included in the financed amount. The application is simple, you’ll get credit decisions within hours, and receive funding within 24 hours of approved application.


SaaS Programs

With SaaS, your customers pay monthly for a POS bundles that combines POS software, hardware, service, and payment processing. You’ll will get paid upfront, and our partner, Vend Lease, collects payments for you. SaaS programs create more long-term income than a one-time sale, and merchants are obligated to stay with you and your partners.


Free Hardware

EVO partners with leading POS hardware companies to provide our partners free EMV-enabled payment terminals. These can be offered at little or no cost to as an incentive to buy your solutions.



All of this comes with recurring revenue from processing residuals.

When you successfully refer a merchant to EVO for payments, you’ll earn an upfront cash bonus, as well generous monthly residuals for as long as that merchant processes with EVO. Programs like 0% financing and SaaS keep them processing with us, along with EVO’s attentive customer service, 24/7 tech support, and value added products that encourage merchant retention, such as gift card and digital loyalty programs.

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