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EVO Simplifies Payments for Merchants


Are you paying too much for payment processing?

Successful businesses need a trusted credit card processor. That’s why Windward Software partners with EVO for flexible payment services integrated with Windward System Five and System Five on Cloud.

EVO Payments, Windward Software’s processing provider, offers Windward Software customers preferred processing rates, on top of best-in-class setup and ongoing service.

EVO’s integrated payment solution works seamlessly with Windward and will help you simplify payment processing.

Choose EVO as your payment solutions provider and access a suite of revenue-building products, value-add merchant services, and exceptional customer support.



Great Rates

Save on an end-to-end payment solution built on advanced technologies that can help future-proof your retail business.

EMV Ready

Minimize the time, cost, and complexity of PCI compliance with EVO’s fraud-fighting tools and EMV-enabled point-of-sale systems.

Payments Innovation

Deliver convenience to your customers with EMV countertop terminals, tablet-based POS systems, contactless cards, and NFC-powered mobile wallets.

Customer Service

Take advantage of EVO’s exceptional small business customer support for all major card acceptance and processing services.




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